Outdoor Kitchen Trends

By: Jean Boynton

Outdoor Kitchen Trends

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Getting outside more, unplugging ,enjoying time hosting family and friends can certainly warrant expanding the living space.The demand for this culinary amenity is increasing in demand ; proving to be an innovative and lucrative investment to increase the value of your property.

Depending on the design layout, guests will watch the chef perform culinary magic and keeps the chef engaged without disrupting the task at hand. Outdoor entertainment spaces continue to top the list for both boomers and millennials. Boomers are famous for their grill nights , while millenials love their outdoor games .

If you're on a budget or not up for a major project, this DIY outdoor serving cart with wooden countertops may be a great addition to your outdoor grill area with extra prep space, a serving area, and some much-needed storage.

Cooking appliances such as a pizza oven and smoker enhance the design along with an outdoor sink, ice maker ,bartending center for guests to hover round and socialize in a full on entertainment oasis. An outdoor dishwasher raise the bar on easy clean ups and endless trips into the house making the outdoor space fully functional and super efficient .

Cooking food with strong odors,
no problem . Let them disperse outside rather than allow them to permeate the rest of the home. Canning is another great opportunity to enjoy and utilize this great space. Any spills make for a quick hose down and done.
Added bonus is saving money. A hot kitchen in the summer forces the air conditioning and can crank up utility bills.Going out for a meal can be expensive and challenging due to new guidelines in place with reopening following the pandemic. Having an outdoor kitchen place is like having a permanent pop up party with no need for transporting and set up. Give your budget a break and head outside.

Gone are the days when homeowners were satisfied with just a rolling barbecue and patio. Grill masters are taking center stage with all the bells and whistles.